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At Anthem Branding, we are a team of cool hunters, curators and connectors born to design with purpose.We create unexpected strategic solutions that amplify your brand ethos -- transforming invisible concepts into elevated branding, apparel, and promotional merchandise.

"Anthem has such a strong skill set around the tangible executions of a brand that weaves through the entire process. Brands by definition are abstract things that are later represented on signs, packaging, clothing, and spaces. Anthem has a clear understanding of the full chain of expression of a brand and has worked it into their own brand by living the Charles Eames quote as a motto:

“Eventually everything connects people, ideas, objects…”

Some agencies capture one or two of those elements whereas Anthem has all three on lock."

— Rob Day, Senior Director of Marketing, Jack's Abby Brewing

The Anthem Branding Difference

ou’re probably interested in learning what exactly about us is different from other agencies. When we say we have a unique personality and approach, here’s exactly what we mean.

Tactile strategists

Continuously thinking with the sense of touch in mind.

Versatile design

Connectors and curators whole can execute various aesthetics focusing on specific types of tactile deliverables.

Industry leaders

Well-connected to the right vendors and partners that allow us to make our ideas and our client’s potential limitless.

Creating a new category

Bringing elevated design and expert curation into the custom branded merchandise space that previously lacked a sense of quality.

How to Choose the Right Creative Partner

Our combination of unique capabilities spans from promotional product and merchandise design and production all the way to retail packaging and branding services.

You may have worked with many different vendors and agencies to complete a single project or campaign -- one to do all the creative output, another to order merch from, another to ship, and another to store your extras.

As a strategic agency partner, we become a true extension of your team. We can help out with creative needs, research the latest and greatest items, and learn the ins-and-outs of your audience and business objectives in order to create items that not only look perfectly spot-on with your branding, but that is of exceptional quality.

Here’s How We Do It

Discovery and research: Find out what your brand and product is all aboutDelivering great results on every project involves understanding brands holistically – beyond just look and feel – their history, business goals, customers, and messaging. So, we usually start our projects with discovery and research. This is a time for us to learn about your company, the benefits you provide, and your vision for the future.

Strategy: We take everything we’ve learned and turned it into a strategy document that outlines what your brand stands for and how it will be positioned to succeed in the marketplace.

Unique creative direction: We take all of the strategic work and turn that into a unique creative direction that we develop just for you and your brand.

Tactile design: We curate apparel and products that resonate with your core audience. This is the epicenter of what makes us unique and stands out from other vendors or agencies you may have worked with in the past -- relaying the invisible concepts that comprise your brand into items that people can touch and feel whether it’s retail packaging, promotional products, apparel, or merchandise.

In short, we can bring your brand to life whether you’re a designer or art direction working on your brand and establishing consistency or a brand manager looking to set goals for audience engagement or the best way to tell your brand story.

"When I first started looking for options for different types of swag that we could give to both our own employees and external partners, I was just overwhelmed by the number of products, and how many ways there were to customize each. I didn’t have a lot of time to spend researching different products and prices, so I was really excited when I found Anthem Branding and saw that they can do that research, work within my budget, give great recommendations, and even help with the designs. It made things a lot easier because all I had to do was look at the customized options and pick my favorites."

- Samantha Rullo, Senior Manager, Editorial Operations, Bustle Digital Group

We create unexpected strategic solutions that amplify your brand ethos.

We’ve been offering elevated branded solutions that span industries and categories, products and services, and continents and cultures — for over a decade and counting. Tell us what you have in mind and one of our branding experts will be in touch shortly.

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Stop settling for cookie-cutter logo-slapped products like stress balls, pens, or calendars. Get recognized with items that authentically represent your brand, speaks to its unique ethos, and that sparks something deeper and more meaningful. Connect with our branding team to get started.
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