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Helly Hansen is a leading name in technical sailing and performance ski apparel, as well as premium workwear. Known for its quality and cutting-edge technology, the Helly Hansen brand is one of the most trusted names in the industry.

Helly Hansen’s history began way back in 1877 when Norwegian captain Helly Juell Hansen began producing jackets, trousers, and sailor’s hats after spending years at sea.

In the first five years alone, Hansen managed to sell nearly 10,000 pieces of merchandise.

Fast forward to the current day, and Helly Hansen has ventured out into more urban wear with Helly Hansen boots and Helly Hansen jackets. However, it’s the Helly Hansen legacy that is the cornerstone of the company and what makes this retailer stand out from the crowd.

Our range of Helly Hansen workwear includes the ever-popular Helly Hansen corporate jackets as well as a wide selection of other Helly Hansen apparel.

Why buy a Helly Hansen custom jacket?

If you are thinking about investing in a custom Helly Hansen jacket but are not sure if this is the right brand to align your business with, then allow us to tell you a little bit more about how you can benefit from Helly Hansen workwear.

A trusted brand that has been around for over a century, Helly Hansen corporate jackets are made from high quality fabrics that are designed to last.

When it comes to choosing custom workwear for your employees, you need to choose a brand that directly aligns with your company values and your existing corporate branding.

Here at Anthem Branding, our talented team of designers can create a Helly Hansen custom logo that will link your brand with the high quality of the Helly Hansen name.

Whether you want to boost brand awareness, increase trust in your brand or promote yourself as an expert in your field, Helly Hansen apparel can do all this and more without blowing your budget.

Choose to utilize our state-of-the-art custom printing for your company clothing or opt for our custom embroidery, which delivers a high-end look that promises to bring your designs to life. You can check out how our screen printed jackets look for yourself right here.

Whatever you want to achieve from your Helly Hansen corporate gear, we can help you to create personalized, comfortable clothes that can withstand even the harshest environments while simultaneously promoting your brand in the most effective and long-lasting way.

Is Helly Hansen workwear high quality?

Helly Hansen workwear is made using only the highest quality materials that are designed to resist wear and tear and last for many years to come.

Unlike other custom branded apparel or protective workwear, which can literally start to fall apart at the seams after limited use, Helly Hansen workwear was originally created to protect sailors, climbers, and hikers, making it the most durable brand on the market.

Whatever your work requires or wherever it takes you, you know that with Helly Hansen corporate workwear customized by the professional team at Anthem Branding, you are not compromising on quality or functionality.

How to order your custom Helly Hansen Apparel

Ordering Helly Hansen apparel couldn’t be any easier. Simply choose your preferred Helly Hansen products and then decide what customization you would like to add to make the apparel become your own.

Choose to add a Helly Hansen custom logo, change the colors to match your corporate branding, and have your slogans added with custom embroidery. With unlimited opportunities to advertise your business, the sky really is the limit when it comes to customizing your chosen apparel.

Whether you have branded artwork ready to go or you want our design team to create a custom logo for you, you won’t find higher quality custom Helly Hansen apparel anywhere else.

Who is Helly Hansen?

Helly Juell Hansen was a Norwegian captain who founded the Helly Hansen company way back in 1877. With the aim to create a line of clothing that protected his shipmates and crew from the brutal Nordic winters, the brand started with just a selection of oilskin jackets but has now branched out to a full collection of outdoor wear for sailors, climbers, and outdoor sports enthusiasts.

Our custom Helly Hansen apparel promises to keep your workforce protected from the elements while simultaneously keeping them comfortable so that they can carry out their job without distraction.

Workwear from Helly Hansen is triple stitched, so it won’t become damaged in even the most industrial workplaces.

Are Helly Hansen Corporate Jackets warm?

Jackets from Helly Hansen are specially designed to withstand even the harshest weather conditions, making them extremely warm and protective.

However, even if your employees are not subjected to extreme weather, that doesn’t mean that Helly Hansen jackets are not the right choice for your business. Available in a wide range of levels of warmth, you are guaranteed to be able to find the perfect jacket for you and your team.

Their warmest base is a Lifa top with merino wool which is ideal for days when temperatures are at their coldest. Plus, each Helly Hansen jacket is made from innovative waterproof fabric that promises to keep you dry even if you are working in the rain all day long.

We also offer a wide range of custom hats that are designed to keep your head warm all day long, as well as embroidered t-shirts that are both warm and breathable.

Create your own Helly Hansen workwear

Ready to start creating your own Helly Hansen branded clothing? Get in touch with our branding experts today and let us help you design one-of-a-kind Helly Hansen apparel that truly reflects your brand and effectively delivers your brand message.

Say goodbye to bland custom workwear and hello to high quality corporate apparel that guarantees to get people talking about your brand for all the right reasons.


Got a question about Helly Hansen corporate gear? Check out the below frequently asked questions section that will give you all the information you need to design the perfect workwear for your business.

Alternatively, if you would prefer to speak to someone directly, please get in touch with a member of our customer service team via our Contact Us page.

What is your turnaround time for Helly Hansen Apparel?

The average turnaround time is 10-14 days. However, if you need your Helly Hansen clothing delivered to you by a specific date, please get in touch with our customer service team and enquire about our rush services. Please note that international orders may take longer.

Can you help with custom embroidered Apparel?

Yes, of course, we can. Our team of talented designers is more than happy to carry out embroidery for you, with options to suit all budgets and bespoke branding requirements. If you would like help creating an embroidered jacket or embroidered logo, please get in touch with our design team to talk through your options.

Can you ship to multiple locations?

Yes, we do. If you would like your Helly Hansen products shipped to multiple locations, then this is definitely something that we can arrange for you. For more information on our shipping policies and shipping destinations, please get in touch with our customer service team via our Contact Us page.

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