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What Makes a Good Employee Appreciation Gift?

Employee appreciation gifts are beneficial for both recipients and your business. At least, that’s the case if the gifts for employee appreciation are chosen with the right care and attention. The wrong gift can have the opposite effect.

Mitä ovat hyvät työntekijän arvostuslahjat?

There are various factors to consider before answering that question. This includes the message you intend to send, the reason behind the gifts, and the type of relationship you have established with your employees. Yes, you want to demonstrate your gratitude and provide a meaningful employee gift, but you don’t want to sacrifice your workplace culture to do so.

Regardless of budget and intent, there are always safe bets when it comes to employee gift ideas. These include gift cards, a free lunch, and even a thoughtful handwritten note. We’d also be remiss to not highlight branded promotional products, which can be a cost-effective way to supply practical and welcome gifts for all of your team members.

Ultimately, there are various characteristics you want to touch upon with any employee recognition gifts. The main point is that the gift is something the employee actually wants. When it accounts for the employee’s needs, generates positive emotions, and expresses your care, you are on the right course to success.

Another tip is to go with finding the best employee gift is personalization. You are attempting to convey gratitude and respect with your gift, and an individual approach is one of the best ways to strengthen the relationship you have with your employees. For example, even by simply adding their name to a water bottle, shows you have gone to the next level with your gift.

High quality gifts for employee appreciation don’t have to be expensive or outlandish. It simply requires the right amount of care and attention.

Työntekijöiden arvostuslahjaideoita

Are you struggling to think of employee gift ideas? Well, we have you covered. Below we place the spotlight on the best thank you gifts for employees available from Anthem Branding. We also cover the importance of special occasions and situations, and how they play a role in selecting the right staff gifts at the right time.

Työntekijöiden arvostuslahjat erityistilaisuuksiin

Thanks to special occasions, there are various specific opportunities throughout the year to present gifts to employees. It’s true: you can hand out gifts whenever you see fit. However, special occasions and events are the perfect reason to show your recognition with a reward.

Christmas gifts is the most obvious path to take. However, there are other holidays you can use as the backdrop for a gifting session, including Easter and Halloween. They are a great way to bring a fresh twist to proceedings and introduce holiday-themed branded gifts for staff.

Employee anniversary gifts are one of the most popular special occasion options for businesses. Anniversary gifts are a way of demonstrating your appreciation to a worker for reaching work milestones at your company. As for work anniversary gifts, there’s no limit in what you can provide.

With employee work anniversaries, think about how long they have been with your business. If it’s to reward their first completed year, suitable work anniversary gift ideas could include customized corporate gifts in a swag bag. Yet if it’s to celebrate a work anniversary that is hitting a major milestone like 10, 20, 25 years at the company, a more memorable (and luxurious) gift set is perhaps more appropriate.

Along the same lines as employee anniversary gifts, there are other special events where you can show your appreciation for a specific employee – this includes the birth of a new child or a wedding. While a gift for an employee engagement might seem like overkill, it’s very much the opposite, it is something the worker will treasure as an acknowledgement of something big in their non-work lives, which in turn makes them more loyal to your organization.

Työntekijöiden kiitoslahjoja uusille työntekijöille

It’s not just long-standing staff members that should be rewarded. You should also consider the positive impact that is achieved with employee appreciation gifts for new hires. You want to keep new employees engaged and excited to be working for your company. One way of doing this is by presenting them with an initial gift box full of corporate appreciation gifts.

With a collection of branded gifts, you have the ability to accurately represent your company’s ethos for new employees. It also opens the door to unique employee appreciation gifts that are specific for your industry. As an example, a brewery could give their new hires a custom-branded cooler bag and custom sweatshirts complete with custom printing that guarantee to bring your designs to life.

If you want to show employees are valued, start from the very beginning. With practical gifts for your employee that they can use at work or home, they will gain an appreciative view of your brand the first time they walk through the doors.

Työntekijöiden tunnustuslahjat toiminnasta

You could view work-related activities as a gift in their own right, and they certainly can be under some circumstances, for instance if you have arranged a fun cocktail making workshop for employees to unwind and bond. Now this is a fun treat as a standalone activity, but those appreciation levels can be ramped up considerably if you add a few relatable corporate gifts to the mix.

By offering a branded apron, cocktail glass, cocktail shaker, and other kitchen-related items, the event is no longer just an experience. Your employees also receive a collection of tangible items they can use long after the workshop, an appreciation gift that will always deliver fond memories of this work event.

Parhaat työntekijän kiitoslahjat

We’ve gone through the different ways your company can use gifting to show appreciation. Now let’s take a closer look at the best bespoke corporate gifts to use for such purposes.


Clothing is one of the most obvious options available. This is particularly the case when it comes to gifting items to an entire group or department. If you were to have an office trivia night, for instance, you could create personalized t-shirts complete with your company or team logo for the event.

Of course, there are many different clothing choices available. Hats, shirts, hoodies – think of a clothing item, and it can be transformed into a branded piece that’s ideal for gifting. These can also be customized in a wide range of ways. A simple jacket or t-shirt with your brand’s logo is great as a welcome gift for an employee, while you can go with a more elaborate screen-printed design for something more unique.

Discover our range of custom clothing and find the perfect personalized garment for your hardworking staff.

Tekniset lisävarusteet

Tech accessories are among the best employee gift ideas. As well as being impressive due to their perceived value and usefulness, people love to receive a piece of technology they can use in day-to-day life.

With employee recognition gifts, there are numerous options which fall under the tech accessories category. These include wireless headphones, Bluetooth speakers, and power banks. The likes of power banks and sleep tech appreciation gifts such as noise-cancelling headphones in particular are not only useful at home, but also for staff when at work – that’s a win-win in our books.

You might not think tech accessories make unique employee appreciation gifts, yet there are exceptions to this thought process. Once such exception is a smart mug. Your employees can keep their hot drinks warm via this heated mug, making it a great option for those who enjoy a cup of coffee while at their desk or simply relaxing at home.

There’s also no underselling the potential to add your branding to these tech accessories. Your logo can be easily added to these items for greater impact when presented as custom employee gifts.

Custom Laukut

Everyone uses bags in some form. There’s also no limit to the number of bags that someone may own. The result: custom bags can be a great gift idea for your employees. A combination of fashion statement and practical accessory, there are numerous bag types to select as an employee incentive gift.

For example, tote bags are an excellent pick. Firstly, they are a cost-effective solution for your business. Secondly, they are versatile and can be used by the receiver for everything from carrying work files to groceries. Thirdly, they are great for pairing up with other gifts – they can be the bag for your swag bag.

Bags are also capable of being standalone gifts for employee appreciation. This is the case with canvas bags and backpacks. Versatile and comfortable, these bags can be used to carry everything from laptops to tablets. They are also available in a wide range of color choices and styles to match your brand, along with personalization to incorporate your logo in a subtle, tasteful way.

One of the trendiest choices on the market today in this category are fanny packs. If you operate in an industry where work uniforms feature minimal pockets, a fanny pack is a great appreciation gift idea. They’re also useful if fitness is a proponent of your workplace culture, giving employees a place to store their possessions while going for a run or working out at the gym.

Employee Appreciation Food Ideas

Not all employee gift ideas have to be items that stick around for a long time. After all, you don’t have to continually remind your staff about your brand in the same way as you do for prospective clients. This is why food gifts for staff are a fantastic choice – particularly if you go the extra mile with the overall selection and presentation.

Just as with branded clothing, there is an endless selection of goodies to choose from. Sweet treats, however, are always a hit. Who would say no to a big box of luxury chocolates? Particularly if they are presented in a beautifully branded box, bow included? You also don’t have to stick with just one food item. A hamper full of scrumptious nibbles – along with a bottle of wine – is a top choice and can be customized to your own brand with ease.

Just remember to be cautious with food-based employee appreciation gift ideas. You don’t want to offend any staff members based on aspects like dietary restrictions. Religious beliefs, gluten-free diets, and vegetarian/vegan lifestyles could potentially see your well-intended gift come across the wrong way.

Mukautettu vesipullo

When it comes to the best employee appreciation gifts, few bring as many positives as a reusable branded water bottle. One of the biggest benefits is how it supports your company’s push for sustainability. As the world continues to evolve with an eco-friendly approach, employees want to see how your business is directly helping the cause. Water bottles demonstrate your green initiative, as well as supply them with a practical employee recognition gift that’s appreciated.

Customization is where the fun comes to the party with water bottles. Aside from being a fine option for printing your brand’s logo, these bottles come in various finishes with different materials. As an employee appreciation gift, one recommendation is to go with a stainless steel water bottle. This finish provides that luxurious touch, one that will be appreciated by any worker that receives this item. Just make sure it’s not the same gift you give every time, or one employee could end up with lots!

Työntekijöiden arvostavat joululahjat

Christmas is the perfect time for employee appreciation gifts; it is the holiday season where gifting comes naturally. As a result, it never seems out of place when you provide Christmas gifts for employees.

As for Christmas gift ideas, the possibilities are endless. There are many different directions you can take, and the route you select is dependent on factors such as budget, industry, and employee numbers. Regarding the latter, Christmas isn’t the time to play favorites – everyone should receive a gift of some sort!

With that in mind, this is why it makes a lot of sense to select branded gifts for Christmas. There’s no need to pick individual gifts for each employee. You can also avoid going with simple, impersonal choices like a mug or mass-produced box of chocolates. You can get a personalized, welcomed item for everyone – and you can bulk buy, so it won’t cost you a bomb to get everyone a present.

By making the right moves with your Christmas gifts for staff, you are able to spread some seasonal cheer while also improving the overall internal perception of your business. It’s just a case of picking the right gifts for your employees.

Mitkä ovat hyvät joululahjat henkilökunnalle?

Cozy Sweater

Employee gifts don’t come much more appreciative from recipients than a warm, cozy sweater during the Christmas season. One of our most popular gifts, whether your staff want to stay warm behind their desk, during the morning commute, or while chilling at home, a quality sweater is an excellent solution.

As with any other clothing options, sweaters can be branded to feature your company’s logo, something you want to do to display you’ve gone beyond the norm with your gift.

Custom blanket

When thinking of corporate Christmas gifts for employees, a custom blanket is unlikely to instantly pop into your head. Yet this unique present idea is excellent for the holiday season. Whether it is Sherpa or fleece, a high-quality blanket is one that is going to be instantly used by employees to stay cozy during those cold winter months.

It is also an item that can be customized as you wish. One way of scoring additional points is by embroidering the name of the recipient onto the blanket. A custom, luxurious, and elegant blanket is sure to be a favorite with your employees.

Care package

There’s no need to always think outside the box with employee Christmas gift ideas. Sometimes the obvious pick is the right pick. Care packages certainly fit the bill in that regard.

The great thing about recognizing employees with a care package is that they can be stuffed with whatever you see fit. Bath products, mugs, wireless headphones, jigsaws – you think it, you can put it into the package.

Custom Gift Boxes

Along the same lines as a care package, a gift box is another option among the best employee gift ideas. A Christmas-themed gift hamper is the perfect way to share an assortment of festive gifts, including everything from chocolates to coffee beans.

The ability to customize this as you wish elevates it to one of the top employee appreciation gifts. At least, that’s the case if you customize it the right way – make sure you account for employee tastes, religions and your own work culture when putting together your box.

Personalized notebook

A thoughtful Christmas gift doesn’t have to be expensive. If you are operating on a tight budget, don’t worry – there are plenty of employee gift ideas that keep the costs down, even if you have hundreds of employees to cater for. An example of this is a personalized notebook.

Even in the modern world, a notebook remains an essential office supply. To give your employees a greater sense of belonging at your company, a notebook that has been personalized with their name helps to accomplish that goal. A custom notebook can also be paired with other stationery such as pens and pencils and appreciation cards for a more fleshed out gift.

Miksi on tärkeää antaa lahjoja työntekijöille?

Gratitude is a powerful tool for any business to harness. When you provide employee appreciation gifts, your workers can see that their efforts are being recognized and valued.

As you know, there are other ways for employee recognition to take place. You can give them positive feedback when they’ve completed a project for example, whether this is a simple ‘Thank you’ or a personal one-on-one conversation.

With employee recognition gifts, however, this is taken up another notch. There’s an intrinsic value to going the extra mile with gifts. Words can be fantastic, but actions speak louder. With that said, any old gift won’t do the job. You need to come up with valuable employee gift ideas.

Whether you opt for fun recognition gifts for employees that guarantee to bring a smile to your team’s face, creative employee gifts that are ideal for those who work in the arts or media.

When it comes to the best employee gift ideas, there really is no limit in what you can offer to staff. Ideas range from headphones to hampers, and fanny packs to power banks. There’s a vast selection of gift ideas to choose from, all dictated by your budget, industry, and intention.

You can also use gifts in various ways and situations. Annual holidays, anniversaries, and weddings all fit the bill. You can also promote colleague appreciation gifts between departments and even an employee rewards program.

Miksi työntekijöiden arvostus on niin tärkeää?

Studies have shown that for employees to produce great work, the biggest motivator is for their efforts to be recognized. There’s no better way to display this recognition than with employee incentive gifts.

An employee that feels valued is a happy person. This then has a positive impact on both their wellbeing and health as well as employee engagement. They deal with less stress and anxiety while doing their job, and they have a much more balanced and happier viewpoint when going about their tasks. It also extends beyond the workplace as it helps strengthen relationships and improve sleep quality.

With improved employee morale and performance, the knock-on effect extends to your business. Work quality is improved across the board – and it can all stem from showing appreciation and providing employee thank you gifts.

Nevertheless, gratitude can only be achieved if you pick the right employee gift ideas. Get it wrong to the point of offending the recipient, and it could lead to the opposite effect you were hoping to achieve. Workers can lose motivation, become despondent, and ultimately reduce their output. The end result: your business suffers, other employees are negatively impacted, and workers can start actively looking for a way out.

Ovatko työntekijöiden arvostuslahjat verollisia?

As long as certain conditions are met, appreciation gifts for employees are tax-free. For a staff appreciation gift to avoid being taxed, it has to be provided voluntarily. In addition, it must not be in lieu of the worker’s salary or made as part of a pre-agreed salary sacrifice arrangement.

In addition, if employee appreciation gifts are cash or cash vouchers, these are taxable in the same way as normal earnings. This is another reason to get creative with employee recognition gift ideas, as it can help you to save money when tax season rolls around.

Always consult with a tax expert!

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